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Right after my customer phone call, I called the software developers and test engineers to come back at office to investigate this issue.

Provide numbers, budgets and statistics if you have any. How good are your communication skills? Do you have budget management experience? First highlighted part in this answer shows the size of the project team that this project manager managed. Well, that makes your stomach drop to your shoes and your heart start racing.

After defining the routing, problem was resolved. Below are the top 30 project management interview questions and sample answers to help you with this preparation: One of the important roles of a leader is to keep the morale of the team members high.

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Suppliers are material, equipment, tools etc. This project manager interview question assesses your convincing and justification skills. He can also speak or contact to the functional managers of the project team members to appreciate project resources for promotion or better annual performance evaluation.

For instance, a one-day delay in my project was causing hundred construction workers to wait for our work to be completed. During the meeting, I told to the project sponsor and executive managers of the customer that, customer acceptance tests are not complete yet.

Consider this question as a self-promotion opportunity. Moreover, if a project team member over performed during the project, I send a special email to his manager to appreciate his efforts.

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Following can be a good answer for this project manager interview question. What should you wear?

Top 30 Project Management Interview Questions and Answers (updated for 2018)

In case you receive this kind of question, you have to demonstrate the agreed scope and how your end product fits with the agreed scope. You can discuss the problem. Although we completed our development tasks and internal tasks on time, customer could not complete their acceptance test on time.

This helps me to see whether a task is on track, behind schedule or ahead of schedule. Bear in your mind that, failures, emergencies or critical points about a project must be communicated face to face.

I told her the situation. Or, even if you reach your project objectives, project quality will suffer. This question is pretty straightforward. You are at the right place. By very nature, projects are unpredictable. If you have enough experience as a project manager, most likely you have used this principle or at least a variation of it.

I added in the meeting that, we, as project team, met our deadlines and objectives. We have gathered the eighteen project manager interview questions that you will be asked, most probably, during your job interview.

How recently have you worked on it? This will not be counting a positive mark in your evaluation believe me. What is your work style? At the end of my website development project, customer was not happy with the delivered results. I was working for a billing system project for a telecom operator.

Your questions can indicate that you want to know a little more about the job you applied for. You are at the right place.

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Sample answer for this project manager interview question can be as below. The best answer can be about how you actually put in place a change management process even before the changes occur. This answer shows that, project manager candidate does not do only regular celebration activities like milestone and birthday celebrations.

Actually, this is a typical job interview question. In case the changes cannot be made, you will try to convince and explain to the customer that the project fits in with the agreed scope.George is the project manager on a high priority project within his company that is just beginning to get under way.

George is negotiating with another project manager, Camille, to obtain the best-qualified team member for each project manager’s project team. Interviewing project management for open positions is something I have had to do but I don’t find it easy.

The Top 7 Project Management Interview Questions and Answers

Added to that is the fact that it’s easy for candidates to come up with answers to many of the standard questions because there are so many books about recruiting and interviewing. 10 Killer Interview Questions for Hiring.

The Top 7 Project Management Interview Questions and Answers

So you have a project management interview? Don't fret. Prep with these seven killer project management interview questions and answers.

Below are the top 30 project management interview questions and sample answers to help you with this preparation: 1. Tell us about yourself. Most project management job interviews start with this question. Nov 06,  · This handy guide lists out 10 of the most common project management interview questions along with answers to help project managers who are preparing for interviews.

Learn more!Author: Hemant Deshpande. Project management interview questions I’ve reached out to a number of hiring managers and scoured through Glassdoor and LinkedIn data to bring you the most popular project manager interview questions—and tell you how to answer them.

Project management answers
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