The effect of the witches prophecies on macbeth

Just as the storm in the first scene of the play suggested something was amiss with the witches, so this one suggested something was amiss in the castle. Macbeth has no thoughts of regicide when he hears the prophecy. He can, literally, get away with murder.

Lady Macbeth once again chides Macbeth for his lack of courage, questioning his manliness after he shows remorse over the murder. Plus, Banquo tries to resist sleep in order to stop his dark thoughts from forming, contrasting with Macbeth.

This shows that he has an unreasonable amount of trust in the witches. This causes Macbeth to create his own destiny. Macbeth is a warrior who has just participated in a bloody war on behalf of King Duncan.

It also seems to him that the handle is pointed toward his hand, as if it beckons him to clutch it and complete Duncan's murder. By Act 5, Macbeth appears to be a shadow of the man he once was, illustrating the corruptive powers of unchecked ambition.

Macbeth Act IV - Summary

It is clear that Banquo suspects Macbeth of murdering King Duncan. Macbeth meets up with Macduff in act 5, scene 5 and learns that Macduff was born by caesarian section. However, he concludes that it must just be only hallucination, a manifestation of his feelings of guilt in his plans to kill Duncan.

The sailor is the captain of a ship, in the same way that Macbeth is to become "captain" of his land; like the sailor, Macbeth will be blown by the tempests of ill Fortune. Shakespeare brilliantly portrays Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's downward spiral as they struggle with the punishing physical and psychological effects of greed.

The corrupting powers of unchecked ambition result in Macbeth deteriorating even more.

The Three Witches and Macbeth – Essay

Macbeth mentions a desire to wash the blood from his hands, and Lady Macbeth comments on how easy it is to get rid of the blood, the proof of their crimes. At this point he wants to believe what the witches are saying, and he almost does.

Contrastingly, Macbeth has become fixated on the prophecies. Although Macbeth has the final say in whether or not to go through with the initial killing, he loves Lady Macbeth and wants to make her happy.

This suggests that Macbeth and Banquo are incredibly fearless warriors who can always fight their way to victory on the battlefront. Guests watching Macbeth raving at an empty chair that holds the ghost of Banquo only he can see fear Macbeth has gone insane, but Lady Macbeth convinces them otherwise.

She could not kill Duncan herself because he looked like her father, someone she presumably loved. Can the Devil speak true?

What were the three prophecies the three witches gave Macbeth?

This reinforces the idea of Banquo being able to check his ambitions and remain loyal to the king. Having demonstrated their power by casting a terrible curse upon a sailor whose wife offended one of them, they encounter Macbeth and Banquo as the two soldiers ride from the battlefield.

While he at first appears agitated leading up to the discovery of Duncan's murderer, he immediately springs into action after it is revealed.A BBC Bitesize secondary school revision resource for Standard Grade English on witches in Macbeth: interpretations, the prophecies' power over Macbeth.

The text of Macbeth can be found in the online textbook on page or here: The Tragedy of Macbeth Students Watch Macbeth and analyze Macbeth by answering the following questions: 1, 4, 7, 8, 12, 15, 18, 28, 29 The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare Read the drama The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

The witches also do some interesting things with "Eye of newt and toe of frog, / Wool of bat and tongue of dog" (). At the same time, their speech has a sing-song quality to it, so their chanting ends up sounding a lot like a scary nursery rhyme.

Macbeth, now with ambition, is determined to make these prophecies come true for him. With the thought of being King of Scotland, the only thing in his head, he knows now that the prophecies 5/5(6). The witches' prophecies served to spur Macbeth's ambition, the driving force of the conflict in the play.

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The effect of the witches prophecies on macbeth
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